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What can I do if my neighbor leaves their Garbage Bins out after collection?

Refuse and Recycling carts remaining on the curb create an unattractive appearance on the curb which is unappealing and lowers the quality of life in neighborhood, and in some narrow streets and areas of town can affect vehicles in the roadway.

All residents are reminded of Town Ordinance 16-6 (d) which states; Time Restriction on Placement of Containers. No person shall place any solid waste container at the location designated for collection by the town before sundown on the day prior to designated collection day. After collection has been completed and the containers emptied by the town, the owner or agent must remove the empty containers from the collection point on or before 8:00 P.M. on the same day of collection. 

Reported violations of this ordinance will be inspected by the Waste Division of the Public Works department and noncompliance may result in suspension of Town waste collection service.

Updated 8/13/2019 4:37 PM