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Who do I notify of a malfunctioning traffic signal?

Most traffic signals in East Hartford are maintained by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.  To report a malfunctioning traffic signal to CT DOT please call District 1 Maintenance at (860) 258-4500.  When calling, it is helpful to report the intersection number, which can be found on the control box near the signal.  The number should be in the format of “042-###”, as East Hartford is town number 42 in the DOT system.

The Town of East Hartford only maintains the following traffic signals:

  • Brewer Street at Forbes Street
  • Forbes Street at the Charter Oak Mall Entrance
  • Forbes Street at Roberts Street
  • Main Street at Maple Street/Broad Street
  • Pitkin Street at Jayce Street
  • Pitkin Street at Darlin Street
  • School Street at Park Avenue
  • School Street at Tolland Street
  • School Street at Prestige Park Road
  • Brewer Street at Glenn Road/Pratt & Whitney Driveway
  • Governor Street at Prospect Street
  • Main Street at Putnam Plaza (both driveways, 2 signals)
  • Main Street at Fire House #1 (adjacent to Town Hall)
  • Roberts Street at Hillside Street/Simmons Road

To report an issue with one of the above traffic signals please enter a request for service. If the Malfunction is causing a hazardous driving situation please contact the Police Department.

Updated 3/3/2021 3:03 PM