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Why was my trash not collected?

Category: Garbage Related

There are several reasons why your trash may not have been collected.  Below are some common reasons: Items too large or heavy Unacceptable material such as dirt, concrete, slate, stone, brick, stumps, sand, cement or ceramics may be present in the barrel Trash and/or recycling was not out before 6:00 am on collection day. Vehicles may have blocked access to barrels Refuse in any container other than the automated collection barrel (i.e. improper barrel or cardboard box) Trash items were outside the automated barrel If you have checked for all of the above and still believe your trash barrel was incorrectly missed, please contact waste services at 860 291 7363 or submit an online request. 

**Missed Recycle Pick up should be called in to Trash Away directly at 860-225-1206**

Updated 11/19/2020 3:17 PM